1. What is RAW hair?
Raw hair is the best hair on the market. It is 100% unprocessed human hair like we all have on our heads before any color, perms etc.
2. What textures do RAW hair come in?
Raw hair comes in three textures: straight, wavy and curly
3. How long will my RAW hair extensions last?
Our Raw hair extensions are guaranteed to last you up to five years or more with proper care.
4. How do I wash my hair? How many times do I need to wash my hair a week and what to use?
Depending on how much product you put on your hair, you should wash your extensions once or twice a week with a regular or hydrating shampoo and conditioner. If not much product is used, you can wash once a week. When wearing curly hair, you need to condition hair three times a week.
5. Can I color my hair extensions?
Certainly, we suggest you consult a licensed color professional for assistance.
6. If I order and decide to cancel, can I do so?
Once your order is placed it cannot be cancelled, so please be sure the products in your order are accurate and solidified before ordering.
7. If I place an order and forgot to add a discount code can I add it after order is placed?
No, once order is placed codes can not be applied.
8. Can I wear my hair extensions in the pool (chlorine water) or the beach?
Yes, you can go in the pool or beach water as you would with your own hair, but we suggest you wash hair immediately after with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner.
9. What is the difference between a lace closure and a lace frontal?
A lace closure usually covers the top part of your head where you would part your hair. A lace frontal covers the whole front half of your head from ear to ear, like a half up half down hairstyle. You can part anywhere the front part of the frontal lays.
10. How many bundles do I need to purchase?
Depending on thickness you want, bundles vary so we suggest consulting with a licensed Hairstylist for correct amount of bundles for your head. Here is a standard number for normal thickness:
12-16 inches 2-3 or more bundles
18-26 inches 3-4 or more bundles
28-34 inches 4-6 or more bundles
11. How do I know what bundles to purchase?
Consult with a licensed hairstylist and let them know what style you are trying to achieve.
12. Are hair extensions for African American texture hair only?
Absolutely NOT! Our hair extensions are for all hair textures and races.
13. After coloring or straightening, will my extensions return back to the same curl pattern?
Yes, RAW hair is unprocessed 100% human hair, so it will revert back to curl pattern like your natural hair would.
14. Should I seal wefts on my bundles?
We suggest sealing wefts if you cut the wefts to ensure the weft doesn’t unravel.
15. What payment options do you except?
Most major credit cards and PayPal
16. Do you ship internationally?
At this time we are servicing United States and Canada but keep checking on our social media platforms and website.