Hello Beautiful! Welcome to Poshly Savage Beauty, inspiring Queens around the globe to step out in FIERCE LUXURY! We’re on a mission to embellish our Queens in premium quality through our Raw Hair, Clothing and Mink Lash Collections.


Poshly Savage’s Founder and CEO Larissa Hodge is a pioneer in the “Hair Game”. Utilizing more than two decades of industry experience as a fully licensed Cosmetologist, Larissa brings you her quality assured collections, all worn and tested by her, made for you.

Humbled by her growing community of hair and lash lovers, she’s motivated to innovate and inspire them, assuring all Poshly Savage customers that they’re in good hands. Through her initial reign on TV, she introduced millions to her unique way of wearing hair extensions and lashes, leading viewers to learn more about her unique way of wearing extensions and how to style it. So, after a long-awaited build-up, it’s finally here, Sis. 


At Poshly Savage, we’re incredibly proud to produce our customers with the highest authentic, quality hair. All our Raw Hair comes straight from origin of country, in its natural state, unprocessed, no fillers added, cuticle aligned and facing the same direction from root to tip. Working alongside leaders in the industry, we’re able to deliver the latest trends and styles the market has to offer, and we’re here for it!


It’s our purpose to help our Queens know they’re able to take on the World. We want to encourage our customers to feel like the center of attention for all the right reasons, alongside our motivation to empower. We’re proud to only stock the highest-quality products ready to have you luxuriously fierce all day, every day.

Shop with confidence. If you’re looking for further advice on your purchase, check our FAQ’s section or reach out to our dedicated support team at Info@poshlysavage.com, who are happy to assist you with any concerns or queries.